Beatles Tribute

Role: Cel Animation Director / Lead

I created this short, psychedelic, cel animated sequence for this Beatles tribute. I was pretty much given free reign to go crazy. After absorbing copious amounts of Peter Max’s handy work, I conceptualized the wormhole tunnel sequence and animated most of it by myself with some character animation help on the squid by the mighty Justin Demetrician. I also animated the Beatles, liquefy – jumping out of the play button. Justin handled the rainbow button to “All you need is love” type transition. Kyle Moore cel animated the logo reveal. The Beatles frolicking into the rainbow play button was snatched from old archival yellow submarine footage. Oh yeah.

Client: Google

Agency: BBH LA
Producer: Sarah Frances Hartley
Creative Director: Josh Webman
Creatives: Tyree Harris, James Beke

Production Company: Mill+
Record Company: POP Sound
Director: Clarice Chin
Executive Producer: Kim Wildenburg
Producer: Elizabeth Newman
Editing Company: Mill+
Editor: Luke Kraman
Edit Assist: Ron Lubin

Post-Production / VFX Company: Mill+
Executive Producer: Kim Wildenburg
VFX Producer: Elizabeth Newman
Creative Director: Clarice Chin
Cel Animation Lead: Jamal Otolorin
Additional Cel animation: Justin Demetrician, Kyle Moore
Motion Graphics: Amy Graham, Justin Demetrician, Helen Hsu, Justin Sucara, Kyle Moore, Melvina Wong, Victor Duncan
Art Department: Clare Carrellas
Smoke: Robin McGloin

Very fun.

Made with the MILL.